The Shadow Cast by the World, Self-published collection of short stories, November 2013.
Forever and Ever, Armageddon, Self-published collection of short stories, October 2014

Scenes of Mild Peril, Collection of short stories, Stitched Smile Publications, September 2018
Scenes of Mild Peril, Re-released Collection of short stories, January 2020

Short Stories

The Shadow Cast by the World, Fear’s Accomplice Volume 1, NoodleDoodle Publications, February 2014

Undercurrent, Terror at The Beach, NoodleDoodle Publications, August 2014
The Spying Game, collaborative comic strip with Simon Myers (, November 2014

Sovereign’s Last Hurrah, Caped, Local Hero Press LLC, November 2015

The Digit That Was Death, Strangely Funny III, Mystery & Horror LLC, April 2016

The Revengineers, Gift of the Magi, Infective Ink, April 2016

Safety Record, The Flash Fiction Press, April 2016

In Vino Veritas, In Vino Mors, Weird Ales, Quantum Corsets, April 2016

Good Dog, Flash Fear, Quantum Corsets, June 2016

Blasphemous Tumours, Unleashing the Voices Within, Stitched Smile Publications, June 2016

Saviour Machine, 47-16 Volume 2: Inspired by David Bowie, Penny Dreadful, August 2016

83, Tales to Terrify Podcast, November 2016

Let it Cry, Tales to Terrify Podcast, August 2017

Power Trip, Sparks, Burdizzo Books, October 2017

Undercurrent, Hydrophobia, Stitched Smile Publications, November 2017

12 Drummers Drumming, 12 days of Christmas, Burdizzo Books, December 2018

Our Elegant Decay, Stitched Smile Magazine, Stitched Smile Publications, January 2018

Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?, Visions From the Void, Burdizzo Books, June 2018

ISOL-8, StarShipSofa Podcast, August 2018

Red Sky at Night, Under the Weather, Burdizzo Books, August 2018

Obsession, The Theory: Twisted Sci-Fi, TPub Comics, March 2019

Battlesuit, The Theory: Twisted Sci-Fi, TPub Comics, March 2019

And Heeeeere’s Your Host, A Town Called Hell, Burdizzo Books, April 2019

The Lantern, Burdizzo Bards Poems Volume 1, Burdizzo Books, April 2019

Blare the Bright Fanfares, The Good Fight 5: The Golden Age, Local Hero Press LLC, April 2019

Maps, Burdizzo Mix Tape Volume 1, Burdizzo Books, September 2019

Tag, The Night's End Podcast, July 2020

Stand by for Inaction, Corona-Nation Street, Burdizzo Books, October 2020

Let the Dead Things Go, Beneath the Leaves, Burdizzo Books, October 2020

Re(Evolve), Nickel Nightmares, Terror Tract, November 2020

Clerical Oversight, FutureQuake, FutureQuake Press, TBC

Films (Click on a link to watch it)

Battlesuit, TPub/Haz Films, May 2020

Articles (Click on an article to read it)

Bayou Beware; The Saga of the Swamp Thing, Ginger Nuts of Horror, July 2019

Biff! Pow! Take that, Cthulhu! - Of Superheroes and Elder Gods, Ginger Nuts of Horror, August 2019

The Crime Isss Life - The Sssentence isss Death!, Ginger Nuts of Horror, September 2019

Darker Dahl - Tales of the Unexpected, Ginger Nuts of Horror, October 2019

Holding your breath for a long, long time for Creepshow the TV Series, Ginger Nuts of Horror, November 2019

Go straight To R'lyeh: Do not pass go, Ginger Nuts of Horror, December 2019

The Best Advice you'll ever ignore, Ginger Nuts of Horror, January 2020

The Fabric of Surreality - the horror of Peter Strickland, Ginger Nuts of Horror, February 2029

Film Review: The Color out of Space, Ginger Nuts of Horror, March 2020

Beginning at the end - Gasper Noe's Climax, Ginger Nuts of Horror, April 2020

Childhood Fears - Apaches, Ginger Nuts of Horror, May 2020

Touching Eternity - Film Review: A Dark Song, Ginger Nuts of Horror, June 2020

The Last of Us - A Retrospective, Ginger Nuts of Horror, June 2020

Dick in a Box - The Special, Ginger Nuts of Horror, November 2020

I'll love you till the Goddamn Stars Go Out - Preacher; A RetrospectiveGinger Nuts of Horror, December 2020

In Space, no-one can hear your existential dread - The Wretched, Ginger Nuts of Horror, January 2021

They Mostly come at Night, Barbara, Mostly - Aliens and Night of the Living Dead, Ginger Nuts of Horror, February 2021

Works In Progress

Recreant, a Sci-fi Horror Novel

The High Room, a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale set in the Midlands in the 1980s.