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the shadow cast by the world

There are places where we dare not go, sights that we dare not gaze upon. This collection is your introduction to this world.

The debut collection of short stories from David J Court, this book features the short tales The Shadow Cast by the World, The (pen)ultimate solution, The Evil at the edge of the woods, The Glorious Quest, Sigma Six, Into the Great Wide Open, UpDownLeftSelectLeftLeftStart, The Button, Now You See Me, OhBlong, Death Walked Into a Bar, The Great Day of the Unveiling and Tiredness Kills and the poems The Lantern and Hide and Squeak.

"If you have a particular affinity for The Twilight Zone or the Future Shocks section of 2000AD, then you’ll love The Shadow Cast By The World. David has a great talent for effortlessly delivering unexpected and clever punchlines with a philosophical edge, but is also more than capable of handling rawer emotions such as wistfulness and reverie, indicative of a multi-faceted author." - Amazon Review

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