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Meanwhile... in Coventry 2021

The 18th and 19th September saw the inaugural "Meanwhile..." festival, a celebration of storytelling, illustration and comics. I was there on both days with my glamorous assistant Tara with a table (Herbert Art Gallery on Saturday, and the Old Cathedral on the Sunday), and shifted a fair few copies of both "Contents May Unsettle" and "Scenes of Mild Peril" (with a convention deal of both for tenner). And plenty of promotional bookmarks found their way into peoples bags, and hopefully, ultimately, their books.

Congratulations to Simon Myers and Katherine Hemmings and the team for a wonderfully organised and fun festival. Sadly we weren't able to attend any of the evening activities having just lost two of our cats and not wanting to leave the remaining chump on his own, but next year! If you've stumbled across this website through my bookmark or (even better) a freshly purchased book, thanks for dropping by the stall - I loved chatting with you, and it's great to see stuff like this happening in our wonderful home City.


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