Scenes of Mild Peril

A collection of thirty short stories
and poems - Horror, sci-fi, satire and poetry.
about david

David Court is a writer who resides in Coventry, UK, with his patient wife Tara and three less patient cats. When not reading, blogging, drinking real ale, being immune to explosions, writing software for a living, or practising his poorly developed telekinetic skills, he can be found writing fiction. David has had several short stories printed in various anthologies, including Fear’s Accomplice, Sparks, Visions from the Void, Weird Ales  and Hydrophobia. He has released three collections of short stories – The Shadow Cast by the World, Forever and Ever, Armageddon and Scenes of Mild Peril.

He can sometimes be spotted in the wild writing articles for Ginger Nuts of Horror.


David's wife once asked him if he'd write about how great she was. David replied that he would, because he specialized in short fiction. Despite that, they are still married.

Enjoy !

My Books

The Shadow Cast by the World

Forever and Ever, Armageddon

Forever and Ever, Armageddon - Super Alpha Turbo Extreme


"...Court has proven himself to be a writer with an active imagination and a refusal to be pigeon-holed into one particular genre or format. As a result, it's a very fascinating and enjoyable read."


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