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Corona-Nation Street

Way back in the distant mists of February 2020, we began to hear reports of a deadly virus that originated in China. But this new virus soon ripped its path through the world, like an invading horde, killing without prejudice until it finally found its way to our door. This book is inspired by our experiences of the UK lockdown, and how we might navigate the new, post-covid world. Is this the beginning of the end, or just the end of the beginning? Join us for a trip down Corona-Nation Street, with stories and poetry that are horrifying, haunting, hilarious, horny, heartfelt and hopeful. All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the NHS.

Features the stories:

This Year’s Lockdown / Lockdown Dream Number 1: The Aviary – Matthew Cash

Millicent the Explorer – Alys Daddi

Everything Blue – Dani Brown

One Step Beyond – Lisa Presley

Tender Cure – Ian Woodhead

Balloon – Dale Purnell

Superman – Ian Davies

Unbidden King – Norbert Góra

Our Little Secret – Penny Jones

Self-Loving in Times of Isolation – M.B. Feeney

The Job – Matt Humphries

Lockdown Birthday / Six Feet Apart / Self-Isolating– Richard Archer

Untogetherness – Tom Johnstone

Silence – Paul Hiscock

The Oldest Man in the World – Richmond E. Clements

Lockdown – Patrick Flaherty

The Thing in Ron’s Head – Patrick R. McDonough

The Wank Diaries – Peter Germany

Afflictions – Ryan Simmons

Gravey’s Stain – Al Barz

Housebound – Jacob Prytherch

Stand By For Inaction – David Court

Don’t Swear in Mum’s House – Mark Cassell

The Heard – Em Dehaney

Now available on Amazon for your Kindle or in Paperback.

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