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Entanglement - read by Justin Park

Last Christmas, I was asked to take a part in The Christmas Calendar - an exciting venture in which horror writers read other writers stuff, with each resulting video coming out for every day in December. Last year I read ''Ghosts of Yesterday' by George Daniel Lea, and Kevin Kennedy read my own story 'Par'. It's like the old traditional of Ghost stories at Christmas, although these tales aren't necessarily Christmas themed - or even about ghosts.

We're only a couple of days into December, but both of the pieces spanning from my involvement are out already.

Here I'm reading 'The Whale' by Joe X Young.

And here you can catch my tale 'Entanglement' being read by the Sinister Horror Company's own Justin Park. This is the opening story from my last collection, 'Contents May Unsettle'.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

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