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Exciting Updates! (Your definition of exciting may vary)

Updates for this blog are like buses - you wait ages for something, and then loads of them pop up at once.

My superhero short story "Sovereign's Last Hurrah" (a tale of the goings-on in a retirement home for aged superheroes and villains) has been accepted and will be published in the superhero anthology book "Caped", due for release on November the 30th by Local Hero Press.  Pre-orders for this title will be available from November 1st and I'll post the link up here when I have more details.

Secondly, my story "In Vino Veritas, In Vino Mors" will be published in the third volume of Weird Ales, due for release byKnightWatch press next September.  Weird Ales is an anthology series covering two of my favourite topics; The supernatural and booze.  "In Vino Veritas, In Vino Mors" is the tale of an aged collector ofvery unusual drinks.

Both "Sovereigns Last Hurrah" and "In Vino Veritas, In Vino Mors" are stories I'm particularly proud of and it's genuinely exciting to be published by Local Hero Press and KnightWatch for the first time (and to humbly share a book with a host of incredibly talented writers).

And finally, my short story "83" has been accepted by the excellent Audio Horror Fiction magazine "Tales to Terrify" - no date for when this will be broadcast yet, but I'll be sure to keep you all updated.  "83" is a story about the interview from hell.  Literally.

In other news, "Scenes of Mild Peril" is at the proof-reading stage and is due for release around the middle of next year.  It's a lot bigger than both "Shadow cast by the world" and "Forever and Ever, Armageddon" with more tales and they're mostly longer ones at that.

And finally, I'm helping out at Cthulhu Calling day on November 28th. KnightWatch press are launching their Cthulhu themed anthology "New Tales of the Old Ones" and I'll be reading from some Lovecraftian themed works - Come along and hear me struggle with the word "Wgah'nagl! This event is taking place at Southcart books in Walsall over most of the day.  Should be great fun - pop along.

More updates as I have them!

Peace and Love,

Ringo Starr David

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