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Is it a bird?

Is it a plane?

“Well actually, it’s –“ comes the age-old mansplain.

It’s #NotAllMan.

He’s never wolf-whistled,

Leered, spiked a drink,

“And my friends wouldn’t either, at least I don’t think.”

“And men are more likely,

To be victims of crime.

I’ve got the statistics if you’ve just got the time.”

Proclaims #NotAllMan.

“And how was she dressed?

Well, that’s not appropriate.

Some of them, you know, they’re just asking for it.”

Snorts #NotAllMan

“And there’s a pandemic,

She shouldn’t even have been out.

I mean, it’s not her fault, but the laws not to flout.”

Sneers #NotAllMan

With denial even faster than a speeding shell,

With advocacy more powerful than aught found in Hell,

Able to leapfrog logic with but a single bound,

It’s in the heart of this argument #NotAllMan will be found.

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