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Clerical Oversight - FutureQuake

Some exciting news - I'd written a story several years back for Scenes of Mild Peril, but, rather than publish it in that, decided to submit it to FutureQuake as a comic strip, believing it would work better in comic form than as prose. I'd written it as a deliberate attempt to write a Future Shock style story, so FutureQuake - an excellent 2000ad inspired small press comic - seemed like an ideal fit for it.

It was accepted, and now - a short time later - it's finished and ready for a future issue of the comic. It's been beautifully rendered through the art art of Brett Burbridge and the lettering of Dave "Bolt-01" Evans, and it's nothing short of spectacular - everything I could possibly have imagined.

It's only my third piece of published comic work, the first being my two stories Obsession and Battlesuit which feature in Volume 1 of TPub's The Theory - Twisted Sci-fi. The film of Battlesuit has now left post-production and will be released later in the year, so keep watching the website for more details.

I'll post more information on Clerical Oversight nears release, including how you can get hold of a copy of that particular issue of FutureQuake. In the meantime, you'll just have to satiated by the panel above as a taste of things to come, in which crows look down on a dead Earth.

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