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Twist Court – An Okituary

Twist was born in Coventry in 2007. I heard her before I saw her, the plaintive meows from the cat carrier carried by Tara echoing through Earlsdon to warn it of her impending presence. She quickly made herself known in the house, adoring Aslan and terrifying Lilith.

A popular presence on the now defunct website “Cats that look like Hitler” (on which we were blamed by one patron of having photoshopped her eyebrows in the photographs), she was known by many names in the Court household, including, but not exclusively:

  • Kitler

  • The Furrer

  • Mini T / M.T.

  • Twisty Bum / Twisty Bonce / T.B.

Aslan was never safe from her, the young kitten finding wherever he was hiding/sleeping so she could sprawl all over him.

Later in life, she would learn the impressive talent of sitting alongside you on the arm of a chair and gently tapping you with her paw until she received your full and undivided attention. A lover of snuggles, lying in the curl of a sleeping arm, and being thrown into the air, she was diagnosed at an early age by a vet of being “medically tall”. She was also part Theremin, her miaow adjusting in volume and pitch the closer a hand got to cuddling her.

She is survived by her step-brother Aslan as well as her two human staff who already miss the silence and stomping of her tiny but noisy paws. Your absence causes a huge noiseless rift, but you’re no longer in pain.

Twist Court, née Watson – 2007-2021

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